Being Fearless at University @ #FearlessPSU

My awesome university, the one that is helping me to reinvent my life–to finally follow my passion as a writer–is hosting a contest to celebrate fearlessness on campus. It’s a lovely campaign to instill pride in our strive, to recognize in ourselves that we can follow our dreams and succeed, that we can be the best possible version of ourselves if we but believe in ourselves.

For my part, going back to college is the keystone of a lifelong passion to write, a dream that once sat on a shelf to make room for a career that seemed more “successful,” but was not my dream. Thanks to another hiccup in my life (which I don’t want to talk about . . . yet), all kinds of wondrous things spilled out of my heart to be collected, rediscovered and placed back in the focus where they belong.

Writing is my passion, my dream. It is who I am. I am fearlessly, doggedly reaching for that dream again. There is no more motivating place to do this than on a campus surrounded by thousands of people following their dreams. It is here where my mentors and teachers and peers come to goad and teach and learn their craft. It is here where my dream will take shape.

Help us celebrate our fearlessness. Visit and click like for those of us who are making our dreams come true. (And here is mine). =)

Perhaps we can inspire you to find the life you’ve always wanted, too. Join us on a campus near you!

There’s room for everyone’s dreams.


  1. Incredibly motivating!!!
    Good luck on your contest, fearless writer!! <3

    1. Ok, addendum (is that the right word here? LOL). I just went to “like” you on that page and OMG. Talk about MOTIVATING! (STILL wiping tears from my eyes!) Whoever thought of that contest was an utter genius. What an inspiring and amazing and awesome idea to put yourself out there for all the things that make you amazing. I’m all stoked to get back to my own stuff now!! <3

    1. And super awesome of you to include the full link to give everyone else a chance too <3

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