Friday the 13th Interuption

Oh did you think a human wrote this blog? ~meowr~  >^-.-^<

Kitty Blogging

We interrupt your blog for Friday the 13th due to an incursion of black kitty.


  1. you are gorgeous in cat form Miki !
    I didn’t realize that you were an animagus.

  2. Author

    ~giggle~ Janine, I wish I was that cute, but this is Daisy’s lovely kitty, Star.

    Or rather Star is the kitty who calls Daisy her own, much like I do, but with less furrballs.

    1. ROFL thankfully so on the furrballs bit… that might be a bit creepy…. unless you WERE an animagus! That would be AWESOME! (Insert Rainbow Dash’s voice here, saying AWESOME!” because… yeah!)

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