About Miki

Miki has been writing since she first touched the pointy end of a fat pencil to paper and realized stories came out. But then the pressures of making a living diverted her into the IT realm, where she found a knack for brainwashing computers to do her bidding (they called it “programming”).

Meanwhile, the words kept coming, keeping her up late nights scribbling endlessly about strange characters trying to make it in a “normal” world, or “normal” characters trying to make it in an odd one. She often wonders which of those she is (don’t you?).

When she finally realized how much she still loved the writing part of life, she took a long domestic break from her tech career to see where the writing would take her. She’s still enjoying that journey.

Miki recently graduated with honors from Portland State University with degrees in Arts & Letters (writing in lots of genres) and Film (screenwriting focus). She also grokked a bunch of programming courses to keep her digital minion thing going, in the off chance she needs to save the world with that. Her writing genre-of-choice seems to be mainstream science fiction with a smattering of other ingredients (typically sci-fi-romantic-comedy-action-adventure). She also enjoys writing memoir, poetry, cupcakes, and totally awful off-the-wall goofiness, when the mood strikes.

Miki lives in Portland, Oregon, where it rains slightly more than absolutely necessary.

Visit the Writing or 3D Modeling pages for a sampling of other things she does when no one is looking.

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