When I’m not scribbling words into dramatic submission, I can often be found wrestling three-dimensional primitives into interesting and wacky shapes and configurations. I sometimes think I do this to battle the frustrations of having an incredibly visual mind, but no manual artistic talents to express what I see in there (i.e., I can’t draw stuff). Words are usually my way of painting and populating these scenes, but sometimes you just have to grab a CAD program and make things you can see!

For example . . .

The “S” House

The inspiration for this oddly shaped residence came from a promo for a British television series called The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, showcasing–you guessed it–amazing houses all over the world. Although I have yet to see the episode in which it’s featured, the opening credits momentarily flashed a house whose levels were connected by alternating half-cylinders. I went a little further with the idea by stretching the cylinders across alternating floors, adding a sun room on the bottom and making it a little more colorful and Sci-Fi-ish. I also added an entry portico and a pool echoing the same cylindrical theme.

(Perhaps there’s a frustrated architect in there, too.) ^_^

Wire frame view.

OwlShip for SL (prim version)

Full disclosure? I didn’t really like The Watchmen movie. It was just too dark and hopeless (and not at all funny).

But … Archimedes, the Owlship? Adorable!!

So I made one. This is using a modelling tool that works in primitive shapes, so I didn’t have the option of facets and bending and such, but I was able to torture a few “prims” into a close proximity of Archimedes-ness. I was also able to animate it with jets, thrusters, working doors, a flame thrower and a working mini-gun (I love the sound of that thing)

My Little Shop

Here’s a little shop I made in case I ever wanted to sell my modeled things. If only I can figure out how to fit all those buildings and vehicles inside it…

More soon! ^_^