Denizens of a Coffee Shop . . .

Here’s an example of the sort of thing that happens when I go to coffee shops. It’s a little poem I wrote a while back while quietly procrastinating pondering the interactions of coffee shop regulars like myself.

It goes something like this . . .


Denizens of a coffee shop
placate their loneliness with
coffee and glances, little
cakes and imagination

The middle-aged brunette quietly watching
the tall blond man gazing through his glasses at
the shapely mother of three who squeezes
the knee of the balding man secretly assessing
the Barbizon redhead just entering with
the trench-coated chap who smiles extra warmly to
the cute barista whose crush on
the three-piece-suited regular in
the corner goes unnoticed as he emails
his wife suddenly distracted by the
the Latin woman whose eye has fallen upon
the Aussie man spying over his book at
the complete stranger tapping on
his phone in the chair across from him
who comes regularly because of
the woman at the long table studying
her poetry book who can’t stop glancing at
the middle-aged brunette quietly watching the

Denizens of a coffee shop
placating their loneliness with
coffee and glances, and dreams
that someone might just look back

Could you tell which one was me? I don’t want to talk about it. ~giggle~


  1. wow, you populated this poem with a bevy peeps, and each an economical capture…brought the screenwriter’s eye to all those ambling eyes caffeinating. Cool.

    1. Author

      Awww, thank you. In most cases it really did seem like this was going on. All of the characters depicted were actually there that day. If I could be paid to people watch, I’d be rich! =)

  2. *giggle* i think maybe you’re the one who makes me glad i’m a middle aged brunette 😛 <3 roflmao

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