Silence … a Poem about a Decision

Despite how much hope and love you have for the people in your life, sometimes you just need a little closure, even from family.


Your time is up
A window of opportunity
Your silence begets

Five years I gave you
To decide
Am I human … or not

Patiently I watched you all
Dig your holes of hypocrisy
So deep
You can’t climb out

Traded sharp words
Knives in my back
Now you fear bleeding to death
To remove them

In family love is unconditional
Until you have to explain
Me to your friends
Sharing blood is not done in

Five years waiting for you
To make an effort to

Life continues on
One day you’ll wake to find
You wasted it being

With love to my mom, who has been quietly wonderful, but all too far away. Hugs!! ^.^


  1. Your words touched my heart. Thank you.

  2. Nicely done Miki, but seems so sad. huggs you.

  3. Extraordinary poem. I feel that powerful silence. And the last word is wonderfully unexpected.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much, Janet. I almost didn’t post this, it wasn’t as happy or silly as my other stuff. ^_^

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