A Dinosaur Ate My Guacamole

2015.03.21 037So, turns out the pterodactyl was a darling.

She called a family of brontosaurs she knew who run the Pangean Towing Cooperative, who came out and towed my defunct way-back machine to their cave garage. I’m still not sure when this is, but the natives here have been quite accommodating.

Of course there’s always a fly in the ointment amber, or an unexpected dinosaur in the tar pit . . .

We were having a lovely dinner at Laughing Planet (who knew they’ve been around since the dawn of time?), only to find there are small happy dinosaurs running about the place stealing peoples’ side dishes.

This critter for example (Exhibit A, right), took a serious liking to my guacamole. I mean, yes, I did mention earlier that I can’t really taste guacamole, but jeez, the little raptor could at least have asked before it grabbed my spoon and started snarfing it up.

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  1. awww, that’s pretty cute!

    Guacamole fed dinosaurs are the best, they are considerably more tasty than grass fed ones and contain zero calories on account of not being real.

    Watch out the for boneless ones though, they are actually rubber, made in china, do actually exist and can cause choking in small animals and large children, but don’t tend to steal side dishes when you are not looking,… erm, the dinosaurs that is, not the large children, they do often steal entire dishes of food, side and otherwise.

    I hope you will be back soon, maybe you can return last week before you set off so that we won’t all miss you, and you can entertain us all before you go about the adventures you were going to have had been doing previously after you went.

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