Blogging to the Cloud

Thinking about my new blog . . . ~sigh~  =)
Thinking about my new blog . . . ~sigh~

I was dying to mention my new blog to my awesome writing class today, but . . .

It was as if they could read my mind!!

Yikes . . .  I wish I’d done some cleaning in there first . . .

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  1. awww that’s awesome! now everyone can read your mind, I thought it was only me 🙂

    If you want a tip for tidying up your mind I suggest making a “junk” folder and keeping it all in there, the only thing you need to leave outside that folder are the bits about chocolate, margaritas, shoes, and that pretty hairband you are wearing, cos’ that’s awesome.

    You need to keep checking it though because bunnies, wombats and battery operated squirrels have a tendency to escape on their own, I haven’t found a way to fix that yet.

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