Uh oh …

Trying to look melodramatic.

As if the whole going-back-to-college-to-be-a-writer thing hasn’t already spawned enough empty pages to feed — with memoir and poetry new squatters on my list of Things I Now Do — I discovered yet another wily critter sneaking into my fridge at night snarfing up my hoard of dark chocolate . . .

The Blog ~cue scary sound of a sneezing wombat~

Please help me keep an eye on this space — 4 out of 5 soused veterinarians only know what might happen here . . .


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  1. YAY, so glad you found the time to (re?)start your blog !
    I’m not sure what would be so frightful about the sound of a sneezing wombat, unless it was a rabid wombat in which case I recommend disinfectant be applied immediately, (not to the wombat).
    Also I should say that It might be better to just take the batteries out of the wombat before putting it in the fridge, assuming it’s not a real wombat, because putting live wombats into fridges is not a nice thing to do, and, as you know, you’re a nice person, anyway, battery operated wombats in fridges have been known to eat all the chocolate, at least that was my excuse, so watch out for that, and It’s probably best simply not to invite me over, if you want to keep your chocolate supplies.

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