So, I’m thinking about making my blog a little less blog-a-day-zical. Eeek! I know right!?

I mean, frankly who wants to read this much of my silly ramblings every single day? Well, other than my cats, and the other small rodents they have over when I’m not around (really guys, the tiny beer cans so give it away).

Perhaps if I post 3 or 4 times a week, that will suffice to get my blog fix. I can last that long between ramblings, right?

Well, uhm, okay . . .

tumblr_m17tguFPbu1qiq0tko1_500The actual truth is: I think I broke my Way-Back Machine from using it too much.

I was sitting here pulling buttons and twisting levers and pushing knobs . . . wait, that doesn’t sound right. And then the cat sneezed (I so don’t want to talk about that mess) and the next thing I know I’m way outside of my “normal” blog zone. I have no idea when I am now . . . or then . . . or . . .

OMG . . . is that a pterodactyl??


I’ll get back to you.

Perhaps you’ve noticed: I have a time machine.

It’s a lovely little gizmo manufractured by WordPress, designed to allow wily writers to schedule blogs for future dates. But beware, it sometimes goes awry! More than once I’ve accidentally sent a blog into the next millennium. (If you read something from me in 2415, will you please send it back? I miss it.)

Tardis Love PoemBut what’s really cool is that the scheduler can be fooled into sending things back in time, too, . . . like to those quiet Sundays when you’re far too busy doing absolutely nothing to have time to write. Or after an unexpected Procrastinators’ Holiday. Yes, of course, they’re actual holidays! They just never got around to putting them on your calendar. But you’ll know them when you see them . . . usually in retrospect, like I do.

On days like this I sneak in and fire up my handy time machine. Shhhh . . . Don’t tell anyone, but I’m using it right now. ~giggle~

So . . . if you’re ever disappointed I haven’t written something on a given day (hey, I’m allowed to dream, right?), but then feel silly a few days later when you see a lovely little blog in what was once an empty spot, . . .  it has nothing at all to do with me tearing a gaping rent in the space-time continuum so I can sneak a post into the past to fill in my blog-a-day world. It just means you’re silly.

Because It’s my job to spread silliness whenever I go: past, present or future.

[ Tardis love poem belongs to So there. ]