Animated short script: “Batteries”

Animated short script: “Batteries”

A short animated post-apocalyptic love story, starring a little boy, a dog, a school of odd piranha, zoo animals, ice cream, and a little girl in a cardboard box. It also momentarily stars . . . the people watching the film.

This is a 12-page script I polished to completion (or as complete as it can be without proper collaboration) and ready for the right animator to bring it to life–or something very close to “life”. ~hehe~

It’s a story that begins in what we think is a common theme for “cute” apocalyptic tales like this, but throws a few twists into what we think is going on here (six times, actually). While it’s playing with our perceptions a little, the story is also a silly precautionary tale about where our planet is heading, for anyone left on it to pay attention.

If you are an animator looking for a fun story to storyboard or animate for your reel (or a producer or film studio), get in touch! My brain thinks in animation just fine–I can see the whole thing playing out in my head in great detail, all-Pixar-like–but my hands can’t do what you do (I draw people as stick figures). That said, I’m also open to new ideas that would make the story even funnerer and more visual.

Let’s make something really cool! ^_^


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